New Entrant Information and Transition

For details about our 'Transition to School Programme' please contact Gordon (our Principal) or Janine (our Deputy Principal and New Entrant Teacher). We will talk to you about our flexible system that we can tailor to your child's needs. You can also find out more about our special buddy system which gives every new entrant two senior 'buddies' who help them settle in. Starting school is a very special time and we work very hard to make it enjoyable for everyone. We also provide our new entrants with a complimentary 'Starting School Pack' which contains all of their books and stationery requirements and some other 'free gifts' as well.

Transferring from Other Schools

If you your family has recently moved in to our area and your child is coming to us from another school we will strive to make the move a very positive one for all of you. Firstly Gordon (our Principal) will meet with you and he will be keen to learn as much as possible about your child, their needs, interests, special abilities and personality. This will help us make the best decision about class placement and help with a happy and successful transition. If your child is not saying "I love it at Waltham School" by the end of their first week we have not done our job well enough!

Once your child has enrolled we will liaise closely with their previous school so that we can make good use of all of the information they have about the work your child has done, the progress they have made and the success they have achieved.

Looking for a School?

If you are looking at the options for a school in this area and you have yet to make a decision we are extremely welcoming of your enquiry. This will be done in a very relaxed way. Gordon will be happy to show you around our school, answer your questions, visit classrooms and give you the best chance of making a good choice for you and your child.

Please contact Lynda at the school office for any initial enrolment enquiries.

Ph. (03) 379 3137

E mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.