Waltham Primary School

‘Te Kura o Tūpuni’

Kia ora

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. We are now in Week 6 with only a few weeks left in the year, and what busy weeks they will be. We have a number of exciting classroom and school activities coming up. Please keep looking at the updates below as well as Waltham School "Updates and Latest News" in the "OUR SCHOOL" drop down menu to keep up to date with these events.

Please remember if your contact details have changed in recent weeks please text your name and updated details to the school office asap.

Gordon Caddie — Principal

Hello and Welcome; Kia ora Katou, Tena koutou; Bula, Ayubowan; Magandang Araw; Kamusta; Nameste; Kia Orana; Mabuhay;

Helô ac Croeso; Hola; Holā; Bula; Tālofa; Jό napot; Konnichiwa;

Yōkoso; مرحباً; স্বাগতম; नमस्ते; As-salamu alaykum.

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