Years 7 & 8

Waltham School Seniors – Ako

Studies have shown that early adolescents enjoy learning that is meaningful and of importance to them, in an environment where they have some input into where and how they learn. These years are hugely important as they are involve rapid change and development.

Waltham School is committed to working alongside our Year 7 & 8 Students and preparing them for a positive transition to Secondary School, and maintaining a strong focus on developing high levels in literacy and numeracy. Students are very involved in using a collaborative learning approach.

Students are provided with many opportunities reflecting and promoting our schools vision areas. The opportunities also integrate and encompass the New Zealand curriculum and the key competencies.

We aim to provide opportunities to advance children who are keen to have a special talent in a particular area. Other opportunities are designed to encourage and develop leadership skills within each child. These activities or groups, focus on developing responsibility, reliability and promoting development of important skills that can be transferred through the transition to Secondary School.

Digital Technologies:

Thanks to our supportive Board of Trustees our Year 7 & 8 Students have 1:1 access to a Chromebook as well as access to iPads. A small digital technology fee is charged for supporting the maintenance of the these devices and the costs involved with some digital tools. We use a range of digital learning tools to promote creativity, student agency and to support powerful learning in many of our 'Star Curriculum Areas'.


For one afternoon each week our Senior students attend Technology off-site at Linwood College Technology Centre - operating out of the old Phillipstown School on Nursery Road. This programme curriculum is developed in line with the 'Technology' and Health and Physical Education' aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum.

The aim of these sessions is: "to provide students with a variety of learning experiences that will enable them to thrive in a rapidly changing world."

  • In Year 7 students will focus on Fabrics, Food, Plastics and Wood
  • In Year 8 student focus is on Fabrics, Food, Metal, and Electronics

Interschool Sports Competition:

  • During Terms 2 and 3, all senior students are given the opportunity to participate in the inter-school winter sports competition held at Hagley Park. Children who choose not to take part in competitive sports will participate in non-competitive sports activities during this time.
  • Winter Tournament - teams involved in the inter-school winter sports competition are eligible to participate in this Primary School Tournament
  • For students interested in Basketball we have a Year 7/8 team who play at Pioneer Stadium on a Monday.
  • We are always flexible and try our very best to give our students access to a very broad range of sporting opportunities.

AKO Camp:

Every year Ako (Year 7/8) go on a 3 day class camp, which alternates each year between camps such as Woodend, Wainui, and Glentui. These camps are a fantastic opportunity to develop communication, team work and relationship building skills and are a highlight of the school year. Students and staff have a great time participating in a huge range of activities such as swimming, hiking, abseiling, kayaking, canyoning, survival skills to name but a few.

'ARTS' and Languages:

  • Dancing Like the Stars
  • Writers Workshops
  • Star Search
  • Culture Group
  • Te Reo Maori
  • Experiencing other Languages


At Waltham we have an emphasis on developing leadership skills within our varied leadership opportunities

  • School Health Team
  • Road Patrol
  • House Token Monitors
  • House Leaders
  • Librarians
  • Junior Neighbourhood Support Leaders