Lunch in Schools Programme


Week 7 Menu B TOD Monday.pdf
Week 8 Menu B.pdf

We are thrilled to let you know that Waltham School will continue to participate in the new government 'Lunches in Schools' programme. This means that all our children will be offered a free lunch at school every day.

We will endeavour to have the lunch menu for the week up each week by Monday morning at the latest. On occasion the menu's are delayed in getting to us so if it is not here on Monday morning please keep checking back. Many thanks -Waltham School


Who pays for the lunches?

Lunches are fully paid for by the government for all the children that attend our school.

Who is making the lunches and how are they arriving?

Waltham is part of a cluster of schools that are having lunches supplied by the University of Canterbury catering department (UCSA). All the lunches will be delivered daily just before lunchtime.

Will they be healthy and/or yummy enough?

A lot of planning and trialing has gone into the menu so the simple answer is YES. They will continue to get feedback and will constantly be looking at ways to make their lunches even better.

What if my child is fussy and probably won't eat a lunch provided at school?

Let's wait and see how it goes. If you are worried about them being hungry then feel free to pop something extra in their lunch box that will supplement their supplied school lunch.

What about special dietary requirements - such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc and allergies?

These are all catered for. Just make sure we know (by completing the survey) and your child will receive a lunch that meets their requirements.

Any changes to dietary requirements after you have completed the yellow survey - please contact the office and ask them to update.

What about cultural or religious considerations?

Pork or pork products are NOT used in any of the lunches and all meat is certified as Halal. If you have any other issues you can just tell us in the survey and they will be catered for.

Should my child bring any food to school?

It would be great if children still bring a morning tea snack.

Does my child have to eat a school supplied lunch if I want to continue making their lunch?

That is up to you, however, we would strongly urge you to give it a try.

Any other questions please feel free to have a chat with our Office Staff.