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Wednesday 14th November - Strike Day

School will be closed all day Wednesday 14th November to allow staff to attend Strike action.

There will be no supervision for students so alternative arrangements for your children will be required. We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause families but we ask for your understanding and support.

School will re-open as normal Thursday 15th November.

Canterbury Anniversary Day

School will be closed on Friday 16th November for Canterbury Anniversary Day. This is a public holiday in Christchurch.

End of Term/2018

Please be aware our last day for Term 4 is 12.30am Tuesday 18th of December

Full classes will finish Friday 14th December. With Junior Assembly being held at 9.20 am on Monday 17th and Senior Assembly being held at 11.20 am. You are welcome to take your child(ren) home following their assemblies if you choose.


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