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Coronavirus - What we are doing as a school to prepare!

As a school we are joining with the entire country to protect our health system from being overloaded as has happened overseas.

By doing this we can best protect the health of all members of our community.

SCHOOL CLOSURES have now been initiated Nationwide. Waltham School is closed for all but children of essential workers as of Monday 23rd March. School will be closed for ALL students as of Wednesday 25th March.

School holidays have been officially moved to start this weekend (Saturday 28th March) and run through until Tuesday 14th April.

* Walkathon has been postponed - dates to be advised

* The Easter raffle has been postponed - dates to be advised

* Parent Teacher Interviews have been postponed - dates to be advised


  • We are encouraging children to use good hygiene practices including:
          • Good Handwashing (20sec)
          • Sneezing and coughing into the crook of the elbow
          • No sharing of drink bottles or food
  • We are encouraging staff and students to stay away from school if they are unwell.
  • We doing our best to promote the Prime Ministers instructions around handshaking, doing hongi, or hugging.
  • Our caretaker has been given extra hours to make sure a good level of hygiene around the school is maintained. This can be achieved by wiping down hard surfaces such as desks, doors, walls, light-switches, door handles, and soap dispensers. Bathrooms are being closely monitored.


  • Whole School Assemblies have been cancelled.
  • Kapa Haka is on hold and will be reviewed beginning of Term 2
  • Walk-a-thon - Whilst this is continuing it will now be held though out the day, in small class groups, on school grounds and without spectators.
  • Parent/Teacher/Student conferences - At this stage these will go ahead but we will review this again midway through next week.


  • SCHOOL CLOSURES have now been initiated Nationwide. Waltham School is closed School will be closed for ALL students as of Wednesday 25th March.


  • Please continue to let us know if your child(ren) are going to be absent from school and the reason for this.
  • If you are choosing to keep your child(ren) at home due to concerns regarding the coronavirus please let us know that this is the case. We respect this is a parental decision and feel free to talk this through with us.

Keep calm and look after your own families! If you require any support please feel free to contact the school.

We will continue to update you all as the situation changes.



Term One - Week 7 16/03/20 - 20/03/20


These will be on sale every Friday from the 14th February. Money to the classroom teacher please.


These are delivered to school on Thursdays starting 13th February. Orders are online and need to be placed by the previous night. For further information please talk to Mrs B in Meremere 9.


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