Waltham School History


The orginal school was designed by W.T Schmidt, the Education Board's architect and built by Messrs Davison & Wilson. The original school was built of brick and consisted of 3 large rooms and a small classroom totalling 1870 sq.ft. in area to accommodate 300 pupils

1891 - The school opened with a staff of a headmaster, three assistance and four pupil teachers and a roll of 250 increasing to 420 for the year

1893 - a playground replaced the garden and was enclosed by a macrocarpa fence. Beautification of the grounds, including planting of a large number of trees and shrubs became a priority

1894 - an additional classroom was required to provide room for the increasing roll which had reached 550 pupils

1906 - Three additional classrooms were erected and the brick building was completed

1923 - the school was remodeled with the eight large classrooms being converted into thirteen smaller classrooms.

1929 - With strong demand and support from the school and surrounding community improvements to the amenities were undertaken. These included replacing the heating and ventilation system, new north facing windows , an asphalt court, two large shelter sheds (one for girls and one for boys) and several bicycle racks. A teachers' room was erected detached from the main building

1939 - The first four roomed open air verandah blocks was completed. The roll stood at 442

1949 - The establishment of the Sight Saving Class. Pupils with visual impairments were able to receive an education that was not available elsewhere in the city

1950 - The school Dental Clinic was opened on site

1954 - The school pool was opened and went on to host regular swimming carnivals for several years

1962 - The Sight Saving Class was integrated into ordinary classes

1965 - Administration block built

1966 - 75th Jubilee celebrated. The school role stood at 308

1970-1972 - Demolition of the old school and major redevelopment of the school was undertaken, with more improvements made in 1975 and 1978

1991 - 100 year Jubilee. The school had three teaching/administration blocks with two of these housing four classrooms - a resource room and children's toilet. A library and community school hall with a Dental clinic. The swimming pool and changing sheds with toilets were in regular use. An all weather adventure playground, 2 outdoor courts and large north facing grounds made up the rest of the school. The school roll was now at approx 160.

2018-2019 - Major upgrade to Waltham School classrooms following the 2011 earthquake.

2022 - School role is 275

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  • Credit and thanks to the authors of the 75th and 100th Jubilee books which were fund of knowledge and photos.

  • Paul Morris - for the suggestion of adding a history page and for supplying some amazing photos